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A brief Island history and a few old pictures too

Marco Island beach, 1960's, developement to begin

Marco Island History

     Marco Island is located on Florida’s Southwest Coast on the Gulf Of Mexico. It is just about as far south as you can go in Southwest Florida before the roads start bending east across the Everglades to Miami. Marco Island is about 4 x 6 miles in size and its climate is subtropical.
     By most accounts the first inhabitants of Marco Island were the Calusa Indians way back in 4000 B.C.. The Calusa Indians were were a fierce but crafty group. They were imposing looking and were up to seven feet tall. But they were also crafty as they built canoes, tools and weapons from the native materials. They also constructed large mounds of shells that they used for protection from the weather and for ceremonial purposes.

     The early non-Calusa settlers were mostly all named Collier. In the late 1800's W.T. Collier tried to move his family to Marco Island and make it their home. In the 1920's Barron Collier purchased as much of the island as he could for development purposes. But, the island was not developed until the early 1960's due to the Great Depression. Finally in the 1960's another group of men saw the value of Marco Island and decided to make plans to develop the island. These were the Mackle brothers and they bought the island from the Collier family. They, along with the Deltona development corporation began developing the island in the mid 1960's.

     They encountered many obstacles, such as gaining building permits, a fierce mosquito population and a large group of doubters. But they persevered and built the foundation for the beautiful present day Marco Island.

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