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in beautiful Southwest Florida


                                    A Jewel on the Gulf

Tiki huts on the Beach


         Marco Island's crescent Beach

        Marco Island looking from the South end looking North

           A Beautiful Marco Island Sunset 

          Marco Island had matured into a beautiful sub tropical barrier Island.  The dreams of the founders of the Island have mostly come true. The Island had a year round population of about 17,000 but that swells to over 35,000 from late November till Easter. Beachfront development is nearly complete with condominiums lining the beach from north to south.  Houses of all types and sizes line the streets.  Some houses are on canals while others and inland but all residents still enjoy the same lovely year round warm weather and tropical breezes.  The beach itself is crescent shaped and of the pure white sand variety. There are small and sometimes large shells on the beach, especially near the waterline.  There are public beach access points at Tigertail beach and South beach along with a private beachfront area for residents aptly named "Residents  Beach".  The rest of beach access is limited to condominiums and hotels.

            Marco Island today is an active, vibrant community.  It is a melting pot of various religions and ethnic groups.  There are restaurants and shopping for any taste or desire.  The weather is a main draw to the Island.  From May till September is the rainy season.  It rains a little (sometimes a lot) mostly in the afternoons and usually clears up in a few hours.  From November till April is the dry season and the weather is truly spectacular.  There is very little rain and a lot of crystal blue skies with warm temperatures.  I prefer the summers on Marco Island because I like the heat and the long days.  And, to be honest with you the "winter" months can be crowded with snowbirds from all areas. But, any time at all you can get to Marco Island it surely is worth the effort. 

      One of the chief architects of early Marco Island was Herb Savage who worked for Deltona.  He was sent to Hawaii for months to study their architecture and plants and he tried to bring some of that back to Marco Island.  He succeeded and helped build an Island paradise for all to enjoy.  If you have never been to Marco Island, it is a beautiful place to spend a vacation, a season, or a lifetime.  If you have been there, you surely know this already.

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